Darren Hickling

Amazed by Our Two-Year-Old Dude

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I'm sure every parent is the same, but I am constantly amazed by our little boy. I wish I had written down more of our conversations, but I had to share this beauty from yesterday evening:

  • Me: Would you like to play a game?
  • Ted: No, I would like Pirates please.
  • Me: Oh! Not even one game?
  • Ted: No, I like pirates.
  • Me: OK... [dejectedly searches on Amazon Video on the Xbox One] Boo, I can't find it.
  • Ted: Uh, maybe it's on Netflix.
  • Me: Netflix?! How do you even know that word... OK, let me take a look.
  • Ted: Hehe.
  • Me: [Opens Netflix]
  • Ted: That's Netflix!
  • Me: [Has a quick search]
  • Ted: [Points] There it is!
  • Me: Holy cow, it is on Netflix! Clever boy!
  • Ted: Hehe, told you!

He's still two years old!

Parenting is often pretty freaking challenging, but moments like that light up my life.