Darren Hickling

Brewing Proper Coffee

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A while before this little bundle of awesomeness was born, I (luckily, wrongly) assumed my sleep-filled nights would soon be at an end, so sought some caffeine-based pick-ups. Energy drinks were not an option! I relied on one a day for the duration of my final year at uni, and shudder at the thought of regressing.

We're really lucky to have free drinks at work, but this iCoffee really doesn't cut it, so I needed alternatives.

Some quick research uncovered AeroPress. It's cheap, has great reviews, and was recommended by a colleague, so thought it was worth a shot groan

I definitely haven't been disappointed; I'm no coffee expert, but am loving the results. The routine of making my daily cup is amazingly therapeutic, plus it's surprising what stops you from warming up some milk!

I never thought coffee would be a fruitful topic of conversation, but many people have offered advice. Some of that advice, working from home and other excuses led to the purchase of a stove-top coffee maker.

Proper coffee tastes so good on its own, milk and sugar have been completely omitted recently. Ice cream sometimes, err, falls in, however, which creates an amazing affogato...

... which is known to make those with a sweeter tooth very happy!

I'd love to know more which coffee varieties I should try, and whether grinding beans is really that much better than using pre-ground coffee. There are some useful-looking coffee clubs, too, so please leave a comment if you have any advice to offer.