Darren Hickling

Ending Procrastination

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I have ideas, lots of them; so many, in fact, that the new thoughts crash into existing ones and nothing survives the constant collisions. It wasn’t always like this; I used to rush into every new idea immediately, which was as useful as not doing anything about them at all, given that the bull-in-a-china-shop approach rarely worked either.

Luckily (well, not for my health), a few realisations banded together and kicked me into life. Recently, there have been so many ideas that they have interrupted my sleeping patterns fairly frequently. And rather than doing something about them, I’ve left them to stagnate and annoy me, and the resulting tiredness has almost certainly irritated other people. I have also been refining my blog feeds, and stumbled across Seth Godin’s pearls of wisdom. One of the posts that inspired me the most was actually one he expanded upon, where Matt Mullenweg preaches that 1.0 is the loneliest number. Finally, despite really enjoying my career as a software engineer, I don’t have any public work that I can show to my family and friends when they inevitably ask what I do or can do, which is a bit of shame, especially since they tend to conclude that I don’t do much at all.

Thus, the combination of feeling sorry for all those zero-versioned ideas laying dormant in but occupying my mind, along with finally wanting to show off some of my occasional brilliance to others, has spurred me into action. Hopefully, reading this will give you that inspiration too if you need it, or make you reach for a stronger set of sedatives.

This site is now dedicated as a playground for those ideas to be explored. If the ideas are good, are realised brilliantly and I’m lucky, this will become an Alton Towers for ideas, with people queuing at the servers to be thrilled by them. If not, it’ll turn into an abandoned concrete park, which never looks good when it’s yours. At least by registering the domain name, using hosted space and private, online source control, there is new motivation for this to succeed: monthly payments.

Here’s to WIHD, then; hope you enjoy the ride.