Darren Hickling

Trying to Work, Play, and Maybe Blog?!

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I started the year with the ambition of creating this site to showcase what I can do. As you can see from the date of my first (and previous) post, that hasn't happened yet! Have I got cold feet, or engrossed in the excellent Frozen Planet? Well, I'm still very keen on updating this site. The trouble is, so much else gets in the way of it, which I have prioritised instead. The majority of that time has been spent at work, as is true of most people, especially when you really enjoy it: the people that work there, the environment and the products you build. This latter has been a large feature of my year, as I helped create and launch a relatively high-profile and successful product, which has helped my career progress along nicely and taught me a lot along the way.

Then there's the social side. Living in any major city with a few friends and family nearby, plus holidaying and getting together with my new girlfriend has been utterly awesome! In fact, all of my weekends have been booked up 'til the end of the year since August, as well as many weekday events. So if I'm enjoying myself so much, it begs the question: why bother maintaining a site at all?

Well, I still think my initial reasons are valid today. Having the freedom to craft things that I am passionate about, and maintaining a personal brand for whatever the future might hold are compelling enough points to reignite this site. But doing so regularly enough means really setting time aside, which is still easier said than done...

Has anyone had similar experiences? How did/do you set time aside? And to see if I do, please stay tuned.